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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Fossil Roo

Once you enter, you'll have to run away from a killer machine across three different screens, all containing swinging blades. Be sure NOT to let him catch up with you, or you'll have to fight him. Try not to touch the blades either, since they'll slow you down. On the third screen, stay on the top of the screen, to avoid the large gap in the road. After the three screens, you'll be safe from him, but then you'll have to fight a boss battle...

Level: 19, HP: 5708
Weak against: None, Spoils: None
AP: 00, Steal: Coral Sword, Gladius, Ether
This fight may seem difficult at first, but it's not. Start off by having Vivi cast Slow on Lani, then have Dagger summon Ramuh on her. Also, be sure to have Dagger cast Protect and Shell on herself and her party members during the fight. Use Fira and Blizzara on Lani with Vivi, and use Quina to mainly heal the party. Use Zidane to steal items such as Ether, Gladius, and even a Coral Sword, but the latter two items are very hard to come by. Another note: Be sure to have the Auto-Potion ability equipped to any party members who can use it, since it's a very useful ability to have.

Head down the stairs, and at the bottom, run left, and up the stairs until you find some yellow flowers. Pick one, then move in front of the hole in the wall, and hit [X] when a "!" appears over Zidane's head. This will cause the Gargant to eat the flower, allowing you to hop onto it to ride it to the other side. Once he drops you off, head up the northern stairs, and speak with the Treasure Hunter to get directions on where to go. Now run down the stairs, and speak with Mogki to do several things, like save and such, but also to shop with Mogshop:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Annoyntment: 150 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

You can also purchase a Phoenix Pinion, Ether, and a Remedy for 555 Gil from Stiltzkin, the gold Moogle.

Note: For this part of the walkthough, you'll have to call many Gargants with flowers (yellow ones). Instead of telling what to do exactly, I'll just say "Call the Gargant", which means for you to pick a nearby yellow flower, then standing near it to call the Gargant.

Run down the path to the right of the two Moogles, and call the Gargant with the yellow flowers here. When he drops you off, head north to find a chest containing Fairy Earrings. Take them, then return south to where he dropped you off, and call the Gargant again. Run back to the Treasure Hunter, and run north of him, and onto the next screen. Call the Gargant here.

After he drops you off, head to the right, onto the next screen, and hit the switch. Go back a screen, and re-call the Gargant. When he drops you off, run up the set of stairs, then north and onto the next screen to find a chest with some Ether inside. Go back a screen, and go to where it dropped you off. Once here, head north, and onto the next screen, and run around the bend, and onto the next screen. Here you'll find Switch No. 2, so hit it, then go back to where the gargant dropped you off, and call it again.

After it drops you off, hit Switch No. 1 again, and ride the gargant back to the first area. Run back past the Treasure Hunter, and run to the south- east path, and ride the Gargant here to a new area. Run up the stairs, and hit Switch No. 4, then head through the doorway to the right of this switch, and call the gargant. Once you've been dropped off, head to the right, and open the chest to get Lamia's Tiara. Now return to where it dropped you off, call the gargant, hit switch 4 again, then go back to the right, and call the gargant once more.

In the new area, run to the right to find tons of vines. Climb across the bottom of the vines, and head through the door. Talk to the Treasure Hunter here, and give him a potion to dig. Dig up the rocky wall here to find Kuppo the Moogle hidden behind it (just wait for an "!" to appear to know when to dig). Here, you can save, use a tent, shop with MogShop, or get a letter from him that he asks you to deliver. Do this, and begin your digging. It takes anywhere from 9-50 independant strikes with your axe pick on the areas here, but you can find numerous Hi-Potions here if you are patient.

When you are done, head down the southeast path, and on the next screen, head west, and search the corner to find a Survival Vest. Now return to the vine area, and climb up to the northwestern ledge, and hit the Exit switch, then climb back down to the lowest ledge on your right and enter the next area. Call the last Gargant to exit this place.


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